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1 Mobile Cloud-Based Big Healthcare Data Processing in Smart Cities TAN1 2017
2 Android based nutritional intake tracking application for handheld systems TAN2 2017
3 Android-Based smart langkawi tourism TAN3 2017
4 Privacy-Preserving Data Encryption Strategy for Big Data in Mobile Cloud Computing TAN4 2017
5 oHealth: A self-care android application for senior citizens with hypertension TAN5 2017
6 Smart city application: Android based smart parking system TAN6 2017
7 An android application to secure text messages TAN7 2017
8 An assessment of different optimization strategies for location tracking with an Android application on a smartphone TAN8 2017
9 Improving diabetes adherence using an Android application TAN9 2017
10 RoadSense: Smartphone Application to Estimate Road Conditions using Accelerometer and Gyroscope TAN10 2017
11 User interface design for android-based family genealogy social media TAN11 2017
12 IoT based vehicle parking manager TAN12 2017
13 Learn to Recognise: Exploring Priors of Sparse Face Recognition on Smartphones TAN13 2017
14 Fall detection system and Body positioning with Heart Rate Monitoring TAN14 2017
15 Smart home automation by GSM using android application TAN15 2017
16 A mobile application for fine dust monitoring system TAN16 2017
17 Flood alerts system with android application TAN17 2017
18 A voice-enabled Android roll call system TAN18 2017
19 Android framework for automatic diagnosis of heart diseases TAN19 2017
20 A smartphone application for location recording and rescue request using twitter TAN20 2017
21 Decentralized configuration of embedded web services for smart home applications TAN21 2017
22 A smartphone application for location recording and rescue request using twitter TAN22 2017
23 Privacy-preserving location-proximity for mobile apps TAN23 2017
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