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1 A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System TAN1 2016 Download
2 Designing a Secure Exam Management System (SEMS) for M-Learning Environments TAN2 2016 Download
3 DroidDetector: Android Malware Characterization and Detection Using Deep Learning TAN3 2016 Download
4 Intelligent Hands Free Speech based SMS System on Android TAN4 2016 Download
5 MADAM: Effective and Efficient Behavior-based Android Malware Detection and Prevention TAN5 2016 Download
6 Privacy-Preserving Location Sharing Services for Social Networks TAN6 2016 Download
7 SBVLC: Secure Barcode-Based Visible Light Communication for Smartphones TAN7 2016 Download
8 SenSpeed: Sensing Driving Conditions to Estimate Vehicle Speed in Urban Environments TAN8 2016 Download
9 STAMP: Enabling Privacy-Preserving Location Proofs for Mobile Users TAN9 2016 Download
10 Understanding Smartphone Sensor and App Data for Enhancing the Security of Secret Questions TAN10 2016 Download
11 WORAL: A Witness Oriented Secure Location Provenance Framework for Mobile Devices TAN11 2016 Download
12 A Shoulder Surfing Resistant Graphical Authentication System TAN12 2016 Download
13 Tracking and localization system using Android mobile phones TAN13 2016 Download
14 Intelligent hands free speech based SMS system on Android TAN14 2016 Download
15 Email encryption using hybrid cryptosystem based on Android TAN15 2016 Download
16 Cooperative Video Streaming Using Cellular and Local Connections TAN16 2016 Download
17 Camera aided navigation for the visually impaired TAN17 2016 Download
18 AppShell Making data protection practical for lost or stolen Android devices TAN18 2016 Download
19 An Android Social App Forensics Adversary Model TAN19 2016 Download
20 A Fast Boot, Fast Shutdown Technique for Android OS Devices TAN20 2016 Download
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