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MATLAB Projects

1 Data-driven Soft Decoding of Compressed Images in Dual Transform-Pixel Domain TIMG1 2016
2 Double-Tip Artefact Removal from Atomic Force Microscopy Images TIMG2 2016
3 Quaternion Collaborative and Sparse Representation With Application to Color Face Recognition TIMG3 2016
4 Multi-Level Canonical Correlation Analysis for Standard-Dose PET Image Estimation TIMG4 2016
5 Weakly Supervised Fine-Grained Categorization with Part-Based Image Representation TIMG5 2016
6 Robust Visual Tracking via Convolutional Networks without Training TIMG6 2016
7 Context-based prediction filtering of impulse noise images TIMG7 2016
8 A patch-based approach for the segmentation of pathologies: Application to glioma labeling TIMG8 2016
9 Brain Tumor Segmentation using Convolutional Neural Networks in MRI Images TIMG9 2016
10 Brain Metastases Detection Methods in Magnetic Resonance Imaging TIMG10 2016
11 Robust Cell Detection of Histopathological Brain Tumor Images Using Sparse Reconstruction and Adaptive Dictionary Selection TIMG11 2016
12 An Automatic Learning-based Framework for Robust Nucleus Segmentation TIMG12 2016
13 Lung lesion extraction using a toboggan based growing automatic segmentation approach TIMG13 2016
14 Pulmonary nodule detection in CT images: false positive reduction using multi-view convolutional networks TIMG14 2016
15 Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer-Aided Detection: CNN Architectures, Dataset Characteristics and Transfer Learning TIMG15 2016
16 An Approach to Detect Bone Tumor Using Comparative Analysis of Segmentation Technique TIMG16 2016
17 Long-Time Instability Analysis of Pseudo Spectral Time Domain Method TIMG17 2016
18 Consistent Integral Equation Modeling of Cloaking Planar Microstrip Antennas TIMG18 2016
19 Semi-Deterministic Radio Channel Modelling Based on Graph Theory and Ray-Tracing TIMG19 2016
20 AMD: Audit-based Misbehavior Detection in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks TIMG20 2016
21 Computationally-Ef´Čücient Mask-Compliant Spectral Precoder for OFDM Cognitive Radio TIMG21 2016
22 Group-based Multi-bit Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks TIMG22 2016
1 Predicting the Forest Fire Using Image Processing MCN01 2016
2 A Review Paper on detection of Glaucoma using Retinal Fundus Images MCN02 2016
3 Performance Analysis of Filters on Complex Images for Text Extraction through Binarization MCN03 2016
4 Automated Malaria Detection from Blood Samples Using Image Processing MCN04 2016
5 Learning Invariant Color Features for Person Re-Identification MCN05 2016
6 A Diffusion and Clustering-based Approach for Finding Coherent Motions and Understanding Crowd Scenes MCN06 2016
7 Image Segmentation Using Parametric Contours With Free Endpoints MCN07 2016
8 CASAIR: Content and Shape-Aware Image Retargeting and Its Applications MCN08 2016
9 Texture classification using Dense Micro-block Difference MCN09 2016
10 Statistical performance analysis of a fast super-resolution technique using noisy translations MCN10 2016
11 Trees Leaves Extraction In Natural Images Based On Image segmentation and generating Its plant details MCN11 2016
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